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Herrin Schools Call for Help to Slow the Spread of COVID-19


The Herrin School District is warning if COVID-19 cannot be contained in its schools, the district will be forced to pivot quickly to remote only learning.

Over the weekend, district officials posted on Facebook they want to keep their schools open to in-person learning, but they need the public's help.
They pointed out most of the new cases in Williamson County have been traced back to social gatherings in which social distancing was not observed, and face masks were not worn. So, the district is asking everyone to limit their child's outside social activities and to encourage social distancing, the wearing of face masks when in public and the frequent washing of hands.

The Herrin School District added most if not all the cases in its schools have been traced to origins outside of the school.

Monday, it reported an employee of the after school Stars program at Herrin Elementary School has tested positive for COVID 19. All close contacts have already been identified and contacted.

Two siblings that attend Herrin High School, tested positive for COVID 19 over the weekend. The students were exposed to the virus at a family event. Close contacts of the students have already been identified and contacted.