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Yearly Physicals Still Critical During A Pandemic

Crossed arms of a person in a white coat holding a stethoscope.
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Doctors are taking precautions to protect patients.

Even during a pandemic, it’s important for kids to get their yearly check-ups.

Dr. Jodi Bryant, with Heartland Regional Medical Center, says kids need to have in-person visits and telehealth can’t substitute when it comes to back-to-school physicals.

“Especially if they’re involved in sports at all, you need to do a good, thorough physical exam. There can be, often, undiagnosed heart conditions that can be diagnosed, if they have any previous injuries you need to make sure that those have healed up well,” Bryant said. “The routine physical for the school, their immunizations, they have to be present to get those.

Bryant notes that doctors’ offices are all taking precautions to prevent spreading COVID-19, including limiting the number of patients in the building and taking kids and parents straight to exam rooms to avoid people gathering in waiting areas.