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IDPH Hiring Additional Staff for Carbondale Lab and 2 Others


The State of Illinois is trying to ramp up testing for COVID-19.

The Illinois Department of Public Health has hired a consulting group to help find additional staff for state labs in Carbondale, Chicago and Springfield. The Carbondale lab needs 56 workers.
Jennifer Watson with the SIU-Carbondale Human Resources Department says they're seeking low, medium and high level lab technicians and supervisors.

"Typically you have your lower, medium level lab techs that will require an associates degree and your higher level lab techs actually require a bachelor's degree and your supervisors require some kind of master's or a PhD."

But, Watson says there are exceptions. She says relevant candidates can be students with three or more years of biology, chemistry, biochemistry or senior medical students.

Watson says she can accept applications for all three sites.

"While Carbondale is the big push, we don't want to exclude if we have anyone in the area that is interested in the Springfield or Chicago labs either."

To apply for one of the lab tech positions, email Watson at jlwatson@siu.edu.

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