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Sober Living House Planned for Union County


A southern Illinois church is planning to open a Sober Living House in Union County later this year.

Steven Guined is pastor of the non-denomination Connect Point Church in Anna. He says the plan for the facility grew out of the response to their ministry's weekly Recovery Program for those battling alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling and other problems. 
"We get a lot of folks right out of rehab who are trying to adjust to what we would know as mainstream society and don't really have the structure and support that they need."

Guined says many details are still being worked out as far as length of stay, even whether it will be an all-female or male facility. But, he says it will be a place to help those on the path to sobriety.
"Where folks recovering can live in a supervised, sober environment with structure and rules, mandatory curfews and chores. But, also therapeutic sessions and residents will attend at least one Christ-based service, gathering if you will, at least once a week."

Although he's not ready to announce the exact location yet, Guined says families have donated land to Connect Point to house the facility, which will be staffed by a nurse and others from the church.

The goal is to have a grand opening late this summer or in the early fall.