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SIH is holding hiring events to increase nursing staff

SIH hiring event
Benjy Jeffords
SIH hiring event sign

SIH is looking to boost nursing staff by holding two hiring events.

SIH has multiple nurse openings across all their healthcare system.

To fill those positions, they’re holding events that will recruit hire nurses on the spot.

St Joseph Memorial Hospital Chief Nurse Executive Johnna Smith says they have openings for people to explore healthcare careers without needing experience.

“We have sitter opportunities, so that does not require any type of nursing degree CNA, anything like that or so you can come in just and explore to see if health care is what you want to get into. It's a very important role. It's keeping our patients safe, but it does allow you to see every department and really decide, is health care what I want to get into?”

The second hiring event is planned for September 28th at the Carbondale Civic Center from 9 to 5.