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SIU celebrates Arbor Day by planting trees on the Carbondale campus

Tree planting
Benjy Jeffords
The Office of Sustainability celebrates Arbor Day by planting trees on the Carbondale campus

SIU’s Office of Sustainability is looking for volunteers for the return of in person Arbor Day tree planting on the Carbondale campus.

To celebrate Arbor Day the Office of sustainability selects an area on campus to plants trees.

Doing this also helps the university maintain their Tree Campus Higher Education recognition.

Superintendent of Grounds Dave Tippy says this year they’re planting trees along Southern Illinois Avenue in front of lot 11 on April 19th.

“We're going to try to put nine or 12, 15 trees in the ground and we've got some volunteers that are hopefully going to come out and join us and make it a fun day.”

Tippy says the holes will be dug and materials will already be in place before volunteers arrive.

Volunteers should dress appropriately for the weather and for this type of activity.

“Well, obviously you just want to come prepared to work, so if they've got gloves, bring gloves, we'll have the tools, obviously. But boots and the appropriate attire that they don't care if they if they get a little dirty in.”

Anyone wanting to volunteer should sign up with the Office of Sustainability by emailing them at sustainability@siu.edu.

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