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Local Fundraiser Wants To Give Solar To Nonprofits In Southern Illinois

AES Solar
Kevin Boucher
AES Solar

The Coal2sol fundraiser wants to give some local nonprofits solar panels.

AES Solar partnered with The Climate Economy Education Inc. to promote the Coal2sol fundraising campaign.

Their goal is to raise $3000 by October 16th from the community and at least two nonprofits will receive free solar panels and installation.

If they reach their goal, they’ll become eligible for additional grants up to $100,000.

The Climate Economy Education Inc. President Amy Morrow Hunter says it’s a win, win, win.

“People in the community who are looking for an investment opportunity, they get a good way to invest in their community and get a good payback, and then nonprofits benefit by the lower cost and then workers benefit by getting training and scholarships.”

In addition to lower energy costs, tax breaks provide an extra benefit for solar users.For WSIU I’m Benjy Jeffords