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Energy and Environment

Group on SIU-C Campus Joins International Climate Strike

Brad Palmer, WSIU Radio
The crowd listens to speakers at the SIU Climate Strike on Sept. 20, 2019.

Climate strikes are going on around the world Friday to demand action be taken to address the climate crisis.

Locally, a few dozen people held their own event on the SIU-Carbondale campus, near Faner Hall.

Credit Brad Palmer, WSIU Radio

Geography professor Audrey Wagner talked about the science behind the climate crisis. She told the crowd higher education institutions need to help scientists silence the doubters.
"It is time for universities; it is time for SIU to take the lead to stand behind our scientists to stand behind the truth no matter how hard it is."

Credit Brad Palmer, WSIU Radio

Reverend Bob Morwell is with the Climate Reality Project, an organization started by former Vice President Al Gore. He was just with Gore for an update on his work called An Inconvenient Truth. Morwell said he learned the climate crisis is worse than you fear but better than you might think.
"In that we do have the means to remedy this problem, not quickly, not easily, not overnight, but we have the means. What we lack up to this point is the will. The will comes when you realize what the situation really is."
Morwell will talk about the latest data from Gore's research at 6:30 Friday evening at SIU's Wesley Foundation. It's free and open to the public.