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Aggrieved at what they perceive as acquiescence to President Trump's agenda, liberal demonstrators have begun taking a page out of a doctor's playbook: They are making house calls.

Elementary Students Take a Tree Walk

Local elementary school students visited the SIU Carbondale campus on Tuesday to learn about trees.

Forestry students led the kids on a walk around campus to learn about various trees that grow in the southern Illinois region.

Fourth grader Carla Lopez, who attends Carruthers Elementary in Murphysboro, said her favorite part was getting to touch the bark on different kinds of trees. 

"Some were smooth and some were rough, but they were all very interesting," Carla said. 

Students also got to see a demonstration of old logging techniques that are now used as competition, including axe throwing. 

"Old loggers would go out an dmark their trees," Forestry Club President Anastacia Hanauer said, explaining how the sport started. "And it eventually turned into axe throwing because they were so competitive."