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Local Business Owners Prepare for Next Phase


On Friday COVID-19 safety rules will be eased when Illinois moves into phase four.  WSIU recently spoke with two people whose businesses were deemed non-essential in March.

Mario Hodge owns Parkway Shoe Repair Service in Mt. Vernon, and after a terrible March, April and May, he is eager for customers, which means cleaning.

"Oh yes, we've got hand sanitizer everywhere, we've been wiping down the doors and the handles and everything constantly.  We're taking big precautions here."  Marion Hodge.  Owner of Parkway Shoe Repair Service in Mt. Vernon

Shari Copple with R and J Tactical Lazer Tag in Mt. Vernon, says, during the shutdown, "It was a struggle.  I mean we lost a lot of profit when it hit and they closed the schools."

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