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LGBTQ youth group is being created in Harrisburg

Gathering of Youth
Tri-State Alliance
Tri-State Alliance
Teens attending Tri-State Alliance LGBTQ youth group

A youth group for LGBTQ teenagers is being created in Harrisburg this summer.

Tri-State Alliance and the Southern Illinois AIDS Coalition are partnering up to form a LGBTQ youth group for teens.

Tri-State Alliance holds a weekly youth group meeting on Saturday in Evansville Indiana that South-eastern Illinois teens have attended for two decades.

Tri-State Alliance President Julie Robinson says having a weekly meeting in Harrisburg will make it easier for LGBTQ teens to get connected to resources and support.

“We have to do just individualized resources depending on the kids situation. You know, we deal with homeless situations because you're running away or getting lost in the foster system. If you're not accepted at home and kicked out Unfortunately, some of the highest rates of teens that are in the foster system are LGBTQ.”

Adult volunteer training takes place Monday May 9th in Harrisburg, people can sign up through Tri-State Alliance’s Facebook page or email 3statealliance@gmail.com.

The meetings are expected to start after volunteer training is complete.

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