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SO ILL 7.10 Fest Brings Live Outdoor Music To Downtown Carbondale

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SO ILL 7.10 Fest

There’s good news for people that want to attend a live in-person concert now that pandemic restrictions have lightened up.
Fans of outdoor live music won’t have to wait to much longer to see some local musicians perform.

Carbondale Main Street and Consume Cannabis Co. are sponsoring the So ILL 7-10 Fest on July tenth at the Washington Street Venue.

The event will feature Tawl Paul, Banjo Joe and one other local band.

Carbondale Main Street is asking the city council to allow open container and fairs days during the event for the consumption of alcohol.

“We’re really excited like I said to get back into outdoor live concerts.

Carbondale Main Street Executive Director Meghan Cole says this is the biggest concert they’ve organized in such a short time.

“This actually really fell in our lap just like a few weeks ago, Consume really wants to get more involved in the community and they came to us and said hey if sponsor a concert will you put it together and we said sure, so we’ve been working fast and furiously to pull this together in what little time we’ve had, but we’re excited.”

The event will include food vendors, arts and crafts and art activities.

The fest takes place from 4:20 to 9 pm.