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Thu, Sept. 22 at 7pm – Meet the Candidates

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Meet the Candidates

Meet the Candidates: Dan Brady | Thu, Sept. 22 at 7pm

Meet the Candidates is produced in partnership with the Jackson County League of Women Voters

In this edition of Meet the Candidates, we’ll hear from Representative Dan Brady – the Republican Candidate for Illinois Secretary of State. Learn more about his ideas on how to streamline the office, and more.

Tune in Thu, Sept. 22 at 7pm on the WSIU stations: WSIU 8.1, WUSI 16.1, WSEC 14.1, WQEC 27.1 and WMEC 22.2 or access the WSIU local broadcast livestream online at pbs.org or via the PBS Video app. Watch with WSIU Passport. Enjoy an encore broadcast Saturdays at 10am.

About the Program
Meet the Candidates features interviews with candidates running for Illinois state, House and Senate races. Guests will discuss key issues impacting Illinois voters such as the economy, the environment, education and public health.

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