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Law Enforcement and Crime

The Marion Police Department is warning the public about a couple of scams making the rounds

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The Marion Police Department wants to make the public aware of scams requesting money via phone and email.

One scam reported this month involves a person calling victims by telephone advising them a family member is in custody for DUI and needs a set amount of money to be bonded out of jail. The caller informs the victim an Attorney will be contacting them shortly to give them instructions on how to send the requested funds. The victim is then advised they will get their money back when the family member is released.

The other scam involves the victim being contacted through email in regards to their Bank account being accessed. The caller requests the victim withdraw money from their account and go to Huck’s to put the money into Bitstop, which is an ATM device to purchase Bitcoin, digital currency under a requested name -- and/or to Walmart to purchase gift cards and provide card number to the caller.

The Marion Police Department says be aware no banking institution or Government Agency will request an individual to purchase gift cards for these situations.

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