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American Red Cross announces they will resume COVID-19 antibody testing

Covid Antibody
Shafin_Protic pixabay

In a continuing effort to help hospitals treat COVID-19 patients, the Red Cross has resumed testing all blood products for COVID-19 antibodies. Spokesperson Joe Zydlo says while infection rates are not as high as they were, hospitals are still treating at risk patients.

"With the surge in some of the new variants, hospitals began to seek out more treatment for the vulnerable patients. Those who are immune-compromised. Those specifically are the reason that we're doing this program again why hospitals wanted that. Convalescent plasma and plasma from those who have recovered from COVID -19 may benefit immunocompromised patients."

Zydlo says the Red Cross is currently testing for COVID-19 antibodies in all blood products, including plasma, platelets as well as whole blood.

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