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Williamson County Clerk Adds Historical Records to the Cloud

AllessioFiorentino unsplash.jpg
Alessio Fiorentino unsplash
Allesio Fiorentino unsplash

The office of the Williamson County clerk has successfully digitized 150 years of the county's historical records, which are now available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Clerk and Recorder Amanda Barnes says, since many of the preserved records have been deteriorating, so she and her team have started saving scanning and saving everything to the cloud. And some of the public documents were written several decades before the Civil War.

"Well our records go back into 1839 so we have some land records and marriages starting in 1839"

Barnes says, during one part of the project, she and her team scanned and uploaded 109-Thousand images to the cloud.

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