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Paducah Police arrest two Illinoisans for fraud

Photo of Brown & Thomas
Paducah KY Police Dept.
Victor Brown (left) and John Thomas

Two Illinois men are charged with fraudulently using a credit card in western Kentucky.

The Paducah Police Department reports 27-year-old John Thomas of Marion and 26-year-old Victor Brown of Calumet Park were arrested Wednesday after an Arizona resident reported his credit card had been used at a tire shop in Paducah.

Officers say the two placed an order using the credit card for tires valuing over $1,000. The business was notified of the fraudulent charges. The same credit card had also been used to make an online gift card purchase at Academy Sports for over $1,400.

An employee at the tire shop notified Paducah Police when the men returned to pick up the tires that had been purchased with the stolen card.

The suspects had in their possession an online gift card in the same amount as the one charged to the credit card.

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