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Team of SIU Microbiology Researchers one of 23 teams chosen worldwide to reduce global warming.

Microbiology Lincoln Award
Rusty Bailey/Rusty Bailey, SIUC Media & Commu
Rusty Bailey, SIUC Media & Commu
SIU Carbondale Assistant Professor of Microbiology Scott Hamilton-Brehm, left, and Graduate students Tia Zimmerman, Center, and Jennifer Pierce, right, are part of a team competing with 22 other teams from around the world for the Xprize, funded by the Elon Musk Foundation, to reduce planet-warming carbon in our atmosphere.

A team of researchers at SIU Carbondale is competing in the Xprize Competition to come up with a way to efficiently remove planet-warming carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. In addition to fighting climate change, the team could bring 100s of millions of dollars to the University.

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