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IDOT and ISP encourage drivers to check ahead for snowy roads and drive carefully this winter

To get the most up to date road conditions this winter, browse to: https://gettingaroundillinois.com/winterconditions/

With winter approaching the Illinois Department of Transportation reminds drivers to keep an eye on the weather when driving. And, IDOT wants the public to know they are ready for whatever the season throws on our roads. Rob Graeff is the Bureau Chief of Operations for District Nine in Carbondale.

"Yes currently we're at 86 percent of full capacity. Our equipment, we're in really good shape with our trucks right now, so unless, Mother Nature kicks in full gear super early in the season which she's not anticipated to do that, we should be in great shape."

Illinois State Police Trooper Josh Korando says to always keep plenty of gas in your car.

"If you're going on a trip, and it is going to be inclement weather, make sure that gas tank's half full."

Korando says compared to when the pandemic first hit, there are a lot more drivers on the road.

To see the latest road conditions, browse to: https://gettingaroundillinois.com/winterconditions/

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