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Carbondale Competing for a 25,000 Dollar Grant For the Carbondale Dog Park

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Dog lovers are being encouraged to vote so an in-progress dog park in Carbondale can add some extra amenities. The pet products maker PetSafe is offering the community a chance at a 25-thousand dollar grant. Jane Adams is President of the non- profit, Friends of the Carbondale Dog Park.

"With this grant, we can get the fencing installed, we can have wonderful agility equipment in the dog fields which would include such natural features such as boulders and tree stumps., that the dogs can jump on and the people can sit on."

Adams says voting is done online through the end of the month. She adds voters anywhere in the world are eligible and you can vote more than once. The two and a half acre dog park is being built at Parrish Park at the Life Center. Adams says the easiest way to vote online is to go to the Friends of Carbondale Dog Park Facebook page.

For more information, visit: https://www.facebook.com/cdaledogparks/