Paul Simon

Paul Simon Public Policy Institute

Illinois U.S. Senator Dick Durbin delivered the keynote address Tuesday to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute.

Durbin said Simon had plenty of offers to teach when he retired from the Senate. So, he decided to follow his heart.

U.S. State Department

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller interviews Patti Simon and John Oldfield about their ongoing efforts to continue the work of the late Sen. Paul Simon (D-IL) and his Water for the World Act.

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with former Paul Simon Public Policy Institute Director Mike Lawrence about the late Senator, who will be honored in a documentary on WSIU Television Thursday night.

SIU Press

In this edition of WSIU Radio's Morning Conversation, Host Jennifer Fuller interviews John Jackson about the new book, "The Essential Paul Simon," which he edited. The collection of essays and commentaries is available through the SIU Press and a book signing event is scheduled for next week at the Simon Institute in Carbondale.