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Governor Bruce Rauner signed a measure on Tuesday that will allow medical cannabis to be used as an alternative treatment for conditions often treated with opioids, such as cancer, HIV, Alzheimer’s and more.

The Illinois Department of Public Health has reported a third death linked to synthetic cannabinoids since early March.

Kids who are prescribed medical marijuana might be allowed to use the drug on school grounds under a Illinois proposal. The legislation would allow parents to give cannabis medication to those kids if and when they need it.

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A Chicago area lawmaker plans to introduce a measure aimed at tackling the opioid crisis by providing medical alternatives to prescription painkillers.

Senator Don Harmon of Oak Park sponsors the bill. It lets those prescribed opioids for pain relief get a temporary card to use medical marijuana instead.

Illinois lawmakers heard testimony Tuesday on the economic benefits of legalizing recreational marijuana.

Supporters says legalizing pot would raise hundreds of millions of dollars in much needed tax revenue for the state.

The opioid epidemic continues to sweep across Illinois and the rest of the nation, now declared a public health emergency. But, some believe medical marijuana could be the solution.

Mobile Clinics Connect Hopeful Marijuana Patients With Doctors

May 18, 2017
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Medical marijuana has now been available in Illinois for about 18 months. But many around the state, particularly in Southern Illinois, say they can't find a doctor in their area to help them. A few groups have found a way to change that -- they're now bringing doctors directly to the patients with qualifying conditions.

A new poll by the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute shows almost ¾ of Illinoisans surveyed say they would supported the decriminalization of marijuana.

The poll found 74% of the people support or strongly support the decriminalization of pot where people in possession of small amounts for personal consumption would not be prosecuted, but could be fined.

A cannabis dispensary is using a new tactic nearly a year into Illinois' slow-rollout of a medical marijuana program. The advertising campaign is designed to encourage doctors and patients to view cannabis as an alternative to opioids.

More than 10,000 Illinois residents are certified to use marijuana for medical purposes; Kyla Travis, a Springfield resident who has multiple sclerosis, is one of them.

"I'm almost 60 years old. I was diagnosed when I was 17. So for these many years, they had me on opiates," she says.

Illinois' Public Health Director has been ordered to add post-operative chronic pain as a qualifying condition for the state medical marijuana program.

Cook County Circuit Judge Neil Cohen has given Nirav Shah thirty days to act.

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The latest medical cannabis dispensary is about to open in southern Illinois.

Friday, the owners of Thrive held an open house for their facility in Anna.

A new poll from the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute shows most Illinoisans are OK with medical marijuana, but the jury's still out when it comes to recreational use of the drug.

The institute's associate director Delio Calzolari says respondents favor legalizing medical marijuana at about an 82-percent rate, according to the poll.

Officials say Illinois patients legally purchased nearly $1.7 million worth of medical marijuana during November and December.

Program director Joseph Wright Monday announced sales figures since Nov. 9, when Illinois launched regulated sales with the opening of the state's first licensed cannabis dispensaries.

A federal lawsuit is seeking to overturn Illinois’ ban on campaign contributions from medical marijuana companies.

  The case was brought last week by two Libertarian Party political candidates: Claire Ball of Addison, who says she's running for comptroller, and Scott Schluter of Marion, who says he's running for state representative. They say they favor legalization of drugs, and that companies that agree with them should be able to support their campaigns.


A southern Illinois man is one of two Libertarian political candidates suing the state of Illinois.

The state's medical marijuana law prohibits campaign donations from companies that grow or dispense cannabis.

With medical marijuana now legally available in Illinois, the state's pilot program is hitting full stride.  In fact, according to national statistics, 23 states and the District of Columbia have some form of legal marijuana usage.

Illinois' new medical marijuana shops sold nearly $211,000 worth of cannabis in the first week, with less than a quarter of eligible patients buying so far.

The state's first regulated marijuana dispensaries opened Monday.

A cultivation center is under construction in southern Illinois as part of the state's medical cannabis pilot program.

Paul Montes of Wellness Group Pharms says his 27-thousand square foot facility on Lick Creek Road just outside of Anna will be completed in September.

Illinois regulators have announced the registration of the state's first medical marijuana dispensary.

Pot And Carp’s Possible Business Connection

Aug 24, 2015

While Illinois deals with invasive Asian Carp in its waterways, medical marijuana plants are ripening for sale across the state. 

A southeastern Illinois company says it has started growing medical marijuana and may be the first in the state to do so.

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Illinois and 22 other states allow the medical use of marijuana. The origin of cannabis for medicinal purposes dates back to the healers of ancient China. But what do we really know about the science of marijuana? Despite the fact that marijuana has been around for centuries very little scientific research has been conducted.  

The agency overseeing the medical marijuana retailers in Illinois has announced the qualification of one applicant and the disqualification of another.

Illinois has now approved approximately 1,000 patients for the state's medical marijuana program.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner's office announced Monday it has granted medical marijuana licenses that former Governor Pat Quinn failed to distribute on his way out of office last month.

Newly released documents show former Illinois Governor Pat Quinn received recommendations on which businesses should receive lucrative medical marijuana licenses but did not act on them before leaving office.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has decided to not award licenses to medical marijuana cultivation centers before his term in office ends.

Medical marijuana in Illinois is still several months away from being legally available.

Illinois children with epilepsy and other seizure disorders will be able to use medical marijuana products, under a new law in the New Year.

One unanswered question about a new state law legalizing medical marijuana is just how many Illinoisans will actually ask for permission to use it.