Electric utility Ameren Illinois is being criticized for backing away from energy efficiency goals agreed to late last year.

The company negotiated targets in the Future Energy Jobs Act — but now says it cannot meet them cost-effectively.


Hundreds of happy Exelon workers jammed into a high school gym near the Quad Cities Wednesday morning.

They turned out to watch Governor Bruce Rauner sign the bill that will save their jobs - at the nuclear plant in Cordova and one in Clinton, in central Illinois.

They came on kayaks and on bikes. They hunkered down in hammocks and on train tracks. They marched at refineries and did morning yoga at mines.

For nearly two weeks, demonstrators on six continents gathered to protest climate change — and, in particular, the fossil fuel industry.

In Washington state, 52 people were arrested Sunday after they camped out on train tracks servicing oil refineries in northern Puget Sound, Ashley Ahearn of member station KUOW reported for our Newscast unit.

U.S. Department of Energy

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with Assistant U.S. Secretary of Energy for Fossil Energy Christopher Smith, ahead of his visit to SIUC and the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute.

The coal industry is hurting. For decades, coal was the go-to fuel for generating electricity. Now that is changing.

The connection between coal and generating electricity goes back to the late 19th century. A good place to get a sense of that history is the small town of Sunbury, Pa. — specifically at the corner of Fourth and Market streets at the Hotel Edison.


The Advanced Coal and Energy Research Center (ACERC) at SIU-Carbondale is bringing together faculty and industry leaders to exchange ideas on our future energy needs.

Illinois appears to have a lot of potential for growth in wind energy.     One area that some say is ripe for development is wind farms off the shores of Lake Michigan.   However one expert is not so bullish on the idea.

A federal judge in Chicago has thrown out a lawsuit by suburban residents who accused promoters of a new coal power plant in St. Clair County of misrepresenting construction and electricity costs.