Wednesday is the 206th anniversary of a major earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone.

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency is encouraging people to prepare for earthquakes.


Residents in east-central Illinois may have felt a bit more than the rumble of thunder Tuesday morning.

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An international organization is working to help people around the world following natural disaster and conflict.

Shelter Box USA partners with Rotary International to provide emergency shelter and tools for displaced families.

Earthquake Kiosk
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The Illinois Emergency Management Agency and the Central U.S. Earthquake Consortium partnered up to create a new way to educate the public about earthquakes and how to prepare for them.

They created a earthquake information kiosk that's on display at Carbondale's University Mall.

Illinois is one of the states considered most at risk for a major earthquake.  This week, officials are trying to get people thinking safety.  

An earthquake struck northern Oklahoma early Saturday morning, rattling houses and waking residents in the region around Pawnee, about 74 miles north of Oklahoma City. Preliminary measurements show the quake had a magnitude of 5.6 — believed to be one of the strongest in state history.

The quake was felt in five states, according to the U.S. Geological Survey: Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Texas. It struck just after 7 a.m. local time, at a depth of 6 kilometers (3.7 miles).

Updated at 8 a.m. ET on Thursday:

Officials in Italy say the death toll has risen to 241. The Associated Press quotes the country's civil protection agency — in updated figures about 27 hours after the earthquake struck, the officials said the death toll was 247, but it has since been revised downward. Urgent search efforts continue.

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An earthquake struck parts of Italy overnight, leaving some communities in piles of rubble.

The Illinois National Guard's commanding officer says for years the guard has been planning for the biggest catastrophes that could affect Illinois, like an earthquake in southern Illinois along the New Madrid fault.

Major General Richard Hayes Junior says trying out those plans is at the heart of an exercise in Springfield this week, simulating a 7.7 magnitude quake.

U.S. Geological Survey

A magnitude 3.6 earthquake shook part of the Missouri boot heel last night.

Drop.  Cover.  Hold on.

Those are the three things to do if there is an earthquake – or, as is the case at 10:16 Thursday morning, an earthquake drill.


The US Geological Survey reports a minor earthquake occurred early Monday morning in southern Illinois.

The epicenter was located about 11-miles northeast of Benton along the Franklin-Hamilton County line.
The 2.7-magnitude earthquake happened just before 2-AM. 

The area of the quake is within the Illinois Basin-Ozark Dome region, which includes portions of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Arkansas. The largest historical earthquake in the region was a magnitude 5.4 that happened in southern Illinois in 1968.


A minor earthquake occurred Tuesday morning in southern Illinois.

The U-S Geological Survey reports the magnitude 2.1 temblor happened just before 10:00 am  about four-miles southwest of Tamms.  Preliminary earthquake data indicates the epicenter was located off of County Highway-4 along Sandusky Road in Alexander County. 

U.S. Geological Survey

Some southern Illinoisans reported feeling the shaking as an earthquake rattled an area just south of Marion Thursday night.

The quake, registering a 2.7 on the Richter Scale, didn't cause any damage. Many who felt it say they thought it was just thunder or a truck rumbling by.

Residents in and around Marion, as well some in Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri and Tennessee reported feeling the quake around 8:30pm.

A Honeywell plant in southern Illinois that helps make nuclear fuel has been shut down because the Nuclear Regulatory Commission found the facility unable to withstand a seismic event.

Structural upgrades will be needed before operations can resume.

The Paducah Sun reports that company officials met with regulators Wednesday to discuss the shutdown agreement. Honeywell will not produce uranium hexafluoride until a plan is in place for the upgrades. No timeline was announced.

From: USGS

A magnitude 4.0 earthquake shook parts of southeast Missouri Tuesday morning.