A recent SIU graduate took home the gold, just before he walked across the stage.

Trenton Taylor, who graduated this past weekend, won first place at the Spring 2018 National Cyber League competition, where he competed against 3,300 students, and he says winning is exciting, because he's worked hard.

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and WSIU radio recently visited with Scott Bridges, Interim Chief Information Officer and Director of Information Security at SIU Carbondale.

Architect of the Capitol.

Wednesday is another big day of testimony before two Congressional committees investigating Russian attempts to influence the 2016 Presidential election. Notably, former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson (under President Obama) is scheduled to appear Wednesday before the House Intelligence Committee.

Internet Privacy. Is It Really Private?

Apr 18, 2017

How secure is your computer? Your tablet? Your Cell-phone?  Even with a good anti-virus program and a strong firewall  one  SIU researcher says  you still  could have others invading your privacy.   And on this edition of WSIU INFOCUS, we hear about some free software that can protect our online privacy.

In 2016, the Illinois Board of Elections and the state Republican Party were victims of cybersecurity breaches. But uncertainty lingers as to what the hackers wanted and whether future attacks can be prevented.