WSIU InFocus: Rep. Terri Bryant Discusses Veto Session, Budget, and More

Oct 31, 2017

State lawmakers have returned to their districts after the first week of the annual Fall Veto Session. WSIU's Jennifer Fuller sat down with Murphysboro Republican Representative Terri Bryant to talk about some of last week’s votes, and look ahead to next week.

Gun control legislation was a hot topic in Springfield. Bryant says there is room for negotiation – but she was opposed to the so-called “bump stock” bill that made it to the floor.

Bryant says she’s also against right-to-work legislation. Gov. Bruce Rauner vetoed a bill that would’ve barred cities from creating them, but an override of that fell one vote short in the House.

Bryant says she also falls against Gov. Rauner when it comes to transparency. She voted to override his veto of a bill that requires agencies to report their bills accurately – and in a timely manner.

Bryant's votes in favor of a budget put her at odds with Gov. Rauner earlier this year. She says she had to vote her district - and stands by that decision.

Finally, Bryant says she's glad to see a new education funding formula being implemented. She says the new way of doling out state dollars will help every school in her district - and most in southern Illinois.