A Widening Hole in the Safety Net for Women and Children

Mar 11, 2013

Women's groups who are crunching the numbers say it looks like the $85 billion in automatic budget cuts that Congress has imposed on itself will be hurting low-income women and children the most.

Paula Gianino with Planned Parenthood is concerned about the women who will lose reproductive health care. The sequester takes 15 million from Title Ten family planning programs on top of 23 million that had already been cut over the last two years.

Credit Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Gianino says, historically, members of both parties have seen family planning as a way to save money, not as an expense to cut.
"And in fact, the members of Congress who led the way for the first time our federal government ever investing in family planning for women, they were Republicans... George Bush Senior and Richard Nixon."
Gianino calls the cuts irresponsible and points out that for every dollar invested in family planning 4 dollars is saved.