Warrant Issued in Carbondale Shooting

Mar 10, 2017

A Carbondale man is wanted for murder in connection to a shooting on the city's northeast side Thursday evening.

Police Chief Jeff Grubbs says a warrant has been issued for 22-year old Jarrell Pullen, who is accused of shooting 19-year old Javon Trott of Johnton City in the 400 block of East Willow Street.
"This is not reflective - not only of the northeast community - but of the community as a whole. We will not let the actions of a few define the character of our community."
The incident happened across the street from the Eurma Hayes Center. Mayor Mike Henry say the city is safe - and people shouldn't feel otherwise.

"There's a perception that it's unsafe - particularly at night. There's other neighborhoods that are unsafe at night to be walking by yourself. I wouldn't walk anywhere by myself at night these days, because you don't know who's out there. And it's not unique to Carbondale. It's everywhere."

Pullen is considered armed and dangerous - anyone with information is asked to call Carbondale Police at 457-3200 or their anonymous Crime Stoppers line at 549-COPS