U.S. Senate Democrats Aim for Votes to Block Opposition to Iran Nuclear Deal

Sep 3, 2015

Democrats in the U.S. Senate have enough votes to uphold the Iran nuclear deal, but Illinois Senator Dick Durbin is aiming for a higher goal.

Durbin's vote count is 35 senators, all Democrats, who will vote against any resolution to block the agreement. Nine more have yet to state a position, and Durbin hopes to gain support from six of them, which means Democrats could block any vote on the deal.
"We continue to work them. We hope to have even more votes before we return to session next week. The president's foreign policy, which I support, is going to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon and avoid America going to war. Those are two good outcomes from where I stand."
GOP Congressman John Shimkus says he opposes the President's plan because Iran is not trustworthy.
"They still hold U.S. prisoners and they won't release those. They still yell 'Death to America.' They still are the major state sponsor of terror. This agreement will give them more money to continue to do that."
Shimkus says he's also concerned that trusting Iran will allow the country to pursue intercontinental ballistic missiles.