U.S. Rep. Shimkus Says President Trump is Following Through on Promise to Disrupt Government

Nov 21, 2017

A Republican congressman from Illinois says there are benefits for the GOP-led House having President Donald Trump in office.

But , Congressman John Shimkus says the nation's Capital is still getting used to the president's style.

Shimkus says Trump's presidency has shaken up the federal government.

"I define him as a disruptive technology like an Uber or an iPhone thrown into the federal government to disrupt the way we normally operate."

For Shimkus, that disruption is good when it comes to altering how federal agencies do businesses. But he's not sold on Trump's social media habits.

"Many people on both sides, those that support him and those that don't support him, wish he wouldn't Tweet as much."

Still, Shimkus is hoping that a GOP-led Congress will be in sync  with a Republican president - which could lead to more bills getting signed into law.