Trump's Comments Spark A Debate in a Local Congressional Race

Oct 10, 2016

The democratic candidate in southern Illinois' 12th congressional district says the republican incumbent is not fit for the office.

Challenger C.J. Baricevic says comments made in 2005 by GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump on his treatment of women should have signaled Congressman Mike Bost to withdraw his support of Trump.

Baricevic says Bost's continued support for the billionaire businessman should concern voters in the 12th district.

Bost's campaign released a written statement in which Bost says Trump's comments were wrong, hurtful and required an apology. The Murphysboro republican says daughters should be encouraged to achieve their dreams and not reduced to the level in Trump's comments.

At an appearance on the SIU Carbondale Campus Monday, Baricevic was asked about his support of Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton.
"I think the big difference between Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump is people have issues with the things that Hillary did in a professional capacity as a public servant.  I think I have issues with things that Donald Trump does in a personal setting."