Teacher Unions Criticize a Proposal They Say Would Bring School Vouchers to Illinois

Aug 7, 2017

Teacher unions are opposing a draft proposal that would divert tax revenue away from the state to pay tuition for sending students to private schools.

They criticize it as a school voucher program.

As schools wonder how long a political impasse in Springfield will hold up education funding

lawmakers have begun privately discussing a $100 million dollar program that offers scholarships to kids so they can go to private or parochial school.

Kathi Griffin leads the Illinois Education Association - a large teacher union in Illinois.

"There has been no discussion. There has been no debate. And whenever something like that happens without having an open forum, it always questions what’s going on."

A draft proposal reviewed by WBEZ Radio in Chicago indicates most Illinois families would be eligible for the program which could have big effects on public school enrollment.