State Will Pay Daycare Providers, Gov. Office Says That Was the Plan All Along

Jul 29, 2015

A union that represents many childcare providers across Illinois says Governor Rauner has reversed course, after initially refusing to pay 28,000 of them for work performed in July.

But, a Rauner spokesperson takes exception to the union's claims.

“No, the administration has not reversed course. The SEIU press shop is apparently too busy trying to politicize this important issue to get their facts straight.”

Robin Moore - who owns Robin's Nest Learning Center in Carterville - is not part of the SEIU Healthcare Illinois union.

Moore employs 43 people. She says her facility can continue operating for about two months without a state budget.
Moore says if the budget impasse goes on for more than two months, she anticipates losing about 40% of the more than 250 children she currently serves.

The SEIU union hopes for a permanent budget sooner rather than later to avoid further uncertainty in the future.