SIU Trustees Hear Reorganization Proponents, Opponents

Dec 13, 2017

SIU Trustees are getting their first detailed look at the campus reorganization proposal for Carbondale - and along with it some opinions on both sides of the plan.

During their working session Wednesday, numerous faculty members outlined their opposition - particularly to the proposal's elimination of academic departments and chairs.

Gregory Wendt with the Center for Teaching Excellence says the plan moves too quickly, and deserves more time and study.
"Radical change does not equal effectiveness, and rushing is rarely a good idea."
But Chancellor Carlo Montemagno says the issues have been studied - and points to numerous committees over the past ten years that have addressed the concept of reorganization.
"The fact of the matter is I believe the time for action is now. The idea that this is some quick, hare-brained scheme, when in fact it's been studied for at least seven years. The results - what we're doing - is very much consistent with the results of a study done by the faculty five years ago."
The Board took no action on the proposal, but Trustees Marsha Ryan and Joel Sambursky indicated support, while Trustee Shirley Portwood joined SIUC Student Trustee Sam Beard in expressing concerns.