SIU Trustees Consider FY18 Budget Proposal

Sep 13, 2017

SIU Trustees are getting a look at the first full budget the system has put together in nearly three years.

Meeting in Alton this week, trustees got a clear picture from each of the three campuses, as well as the system, what revenues and expenses will likely be for the fiscal year that ends next July.

Carbondale’s campus leaders say they’re working to reinvent the school. Their projections show a drop in income of nearly 15% compared to FY-15 (the last year a full budget was approved). The change is partly due to a smaller appropriation from the state and partly due to declining enrollment.

Income in Edwardsville and at the School of Medicine is up – mainly because of larger student populations.

Expenses at SIUC are also down about 15%, to reflect fewer dollars flowing in.

The system went without a full year’s budget approval as the state was embroiled in its own budget stalemate. This will be the first vote on a full budget for some of the trustees.