SIU President Randy Dunn Reacts to NEIU Student Job Cuts

Mar 6, 2017

News that Northeastern Illinois University is cutting hundreds of student jobs has workers at schools across the state nervous.

The layoffs are the result of a nearly two-year budget impasse, along with a new rule that says students employees must be cut before furlough plans can be implemented.

Southern Illinois University President Randy Dunn says those types of cuts are not in the plan for SIU at this point.
"We take a very hard look at whether or not we can survive without filling that position for some period of time, and have tried to get our savings that way, as opposed to going in and doing furloughs."
In addition to NEIU laying off students, it'll also require employees campus-wide to take five furlough days.

Dunn and other university leaders say they're still hopeful state lawmakers can come together on a budget plan, or at least additional short-term funding to help bridge the impasse gap.