SIU Offers Some Courses to Non-Students

Aug 3, 2017

For those wanting to expand their education, but aren't looking for class credit, SIU offers the Community Listener's Program.
Conference Coordinator Leslie Brock says the program has been around for years, but only about 20 people take advantage of it each semester.

"They can go in any class room that they want as long as the professor signs off on it. So, the professor just has to sign off saying that they have seats available and they're okay with somebody seating in and listening to the course."

Listener's do not get credit and do not have to turn in homework. Brock says the cost is $50 for the semester and it comes with a discounted rate for a Morris Library card.

"I know a lot of people do it to like, they'll learn a foreign language. So German or French or Spanish or whatever they want to do. Some do it just because they want to grow their knowledge base in a particular field - chemistry, or history or English."

Students who are currently enrolled in classes are ineligible for this program. Courses in the School of Law and School of Medicine are not available.

Registration starts August 7th. Classes are from August 14th through December 8th.