SIU Hosts Vigil for Las Vegas Victims

Oct 2, 2017

Just one day after the mass shooting in Las Vegas, SIU held a vigil for students to express their feelings.

Kathy Smith-Shaffer, an employee with the Office of the Dean of Students, says it was important to hold the vigil on Monday evening because that's when students would feel it the most.
"We just want students to know that there are resources here. That there are people here on campus that can help them if they are struggling, if they know somebody that was there. That, they don't have to deal with that on their own. That there are fellow students that will be there for them and listen to them, but there are also more professional people such as counselors and counseling and psychological services over in the Health Center.
Smith-Shaffer says they are really encouraging students to seek help if they need it.