SIU Environmental Law Society Holds Fracking Discussion

Mar 25, 2013

The SIU Environmental Law Society recently held a panel discussion on the process known as high volume hydraulic fracturing that is utilized in the oil and natural gas industry.  

IOGA Executive VP Brad Richards, SIU Professor of Geography Chris Lant, and Sierra Club Shawnee Group Chair Barb McKasson take part in a SIU Law School panel discussion on hydraulic fracturing.
Credit WSIU Radio

The discussion on the environmental and policy issues associated with "fracing" featured SIU Department of Geography Professor Chris Lant, Sierra Club Shawnee Group of Southern Illinois Chair Barb McKasson, and Illinois Oil & Gas Association Executive Vice President Brad Richards.

The discussion opened with a presentation by Chris Lant.

The second presentation was by the Sierra Club-Shawnee group's Barb McKasson.

The third presentation was by the Executive Vice President of the Illinois Oil & Gas Association Brad Richards who gave the industry perspective on hydraulic fracturing and the proposed state regulations.