Simon Releases 2011 Financial Information

Apr 13, 2012

Illinois Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon says she's releasing her 2011 tax returns and statement of financial interest in an attempt to spur others to follow her lead.

The records show  Simon and her husband, Perry Knop - who is a political science professor at John A Logan College - paid $29,584 in taxes and had a combined gross income of $181,693. Simon says transparency needs to a higher priority in Illinois: "In a state where we have had challenges with corruption, I think those of us in office need to go the extra mile and give people information so that they can make their own decisions and say, 'Yeah- I can see that she's not working in her own self-interest.  She's working for the people of the State of Illinois.'"

Simon says she and her staff are working with lawmakers to craft legislation aimed at requiring more financial transparency in this state.  She says she's hopeful it will move in the legislature during the spring session.