Simon Poll Examines President Trump's Impact on Illinois Election

Oct 3, 2018

A new statewide poll shows Republican President Donald Trump may weigh down Illinois’ GOP candidates in the midterm election.

Southern Illinois University’s Simon Institute surveyed more than 700 Illinois voters. They were asked whether President Trump’s record in office would make them more or less likely to vote for Illinois Republicans in state and Congressional races. The results? More than half indicated the President’s record turned them off to voting Republican, while just a third said otherwise.  Simon Institute pollster Charlie Leonard says the biggest factor in that displeasure is the Trump administration’s tax cut bill. “It’s not entirely surprising that in a blue state, like Illinois, most voters don’t like what the Republican Congress and the Republican president did.” He says Illinois GOP candidates may need to think twice before including the president in their platform.
"Electoral politics is tied to perceptions of President Trump, and if I were a Republican running for office in Illinois, I'd try to decouple myself from Washington Republicans."

The poll also showed an enormous partisan divide. More than 70 percent of Illinois Republicans say they’ll rally behind their candidates BECAUSE of President Trump.
 But an even greater share of Democrats — more than 80 percent — said Trump turned them off to Illinois Republicans.