Schimpf: Budget Compromise is Possible, Funding Critical

May 12, 2017

State lawmakers in Springfield say they’re still working to reach a budget compromise, with three weeks remaining in the legislative session.

State Senator Paul Schimpf (R-Waterloo) says he can get on board with some potential tax increase, as long as there are cuts and reforms included in the overall package.

“I would like to see the Lieutenant Governor’s office go away. I would like to see the Comptroller’s office and Treasurer’s offices consolidated. I’d also be open to hearing proposals for potentially combining the Illinois Department of Agriculture and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. I think the Department of Human Rights could be subsumed by the Attorney General’s office.”

In addition, Schimpf says he thinks there are areas where a ten-percent overall cut could be made to save money.

Schimpf says worker’s compensation reform, a pension overhaul that’s constitutional, and some other changes must also be made.

Lawmakers have until May 31 to pass any legislation with a simple majority vote. In overtime, a three-fifths majority is needed for approval.