Report Finds NIU Spent Thousands to Defend School President

May 13, 2017

Amid staff reductions, Northern Illinois University has paid nearly two hundred thousand dollars in legal fees to defend the school’s president.

Northern Illinois University President Doug Baker recently announced a round of layoffs as the campus continues to struggle with the effects of the statewide budget impasse.

The student-run Northern Star newspaper recently reported on an area of the university's finances that doesn't get as much attention.

Reporter Ian Tancun found the school paid out 189-thousand dollars in legal fees related to a state probe by the agency which looks into allegations of misconduct. It’s still unclear the exact nature of the state investigation.

“[Baker] did express that he was sorry the university was having to incur these fees. I think he was as forthcoming as he could be, but I am not sure if the Baker administration fully grasps the perception on campus.”

The Faculty Senate Speaker says he has heard a handful of complaints about Baker’s role in the state investigation but urges the campus community to avoid assuming guilt.