Red Cross Offers Expedited Disaster Training

Sep 11, 2017

The American Red Cross is looking for more volunteers to help in disaster zones - and offering expedited training to help get people to where help is needed most.

Trish Burnett with the Red Cross says right now the organization needs more people to staff shelters across the south.
"We've got about 7,500 people in Texas still in shelters. And we don't know exactly how many we'll have in Florida, Georgia, and the southern tier once we realize the power needs, and how long the power will be out, and all of that. But we do expect a large percentage to need some continuing sheltering."
Burnett says she hopes the people who receive training will return home and continue to help those in need here in Illinois.
The expedited training sessions are going on over the next three weeks across the state. For more information, call 309-662-0500 extension 7428.