PUKA School in Carbondale May Close

Mar 6, 2018

Financial woes have one childcare center in Carbondale considering closing its doors.

Since 1975, the PUKA school has provided childcare for families of southern Illinois.

Director Yemisi Pleansant-Smith declining enrollment and increasing costs have caused financial problems for the school.

"Even when they've had to hold paychecks and different things like that, they continue to work. We do the best we can within the means we have."

Pleasant-Smith says the effects of such a closure would be felt across the Carbondale community.

"These are people who work in this area. That means the potential of them not finding childcare means they potentially may not be able to go to work because they have to stay home with their child."

Pleasant-Smith says they are considering a smaller building location as a way to keep the doors open.