Potential SIU Cuts Include Jobs, Reorganizations, and Eliminations

Mar 9, 2016

Southern Illinois University is out with its list of potential cuts, if Gov. Bruce Rauner's proposed budget is passed - and if the budget impasse continues, it could be even worse.

In a memo to faculty and staff, President Randy Dunn outlines what the loss of more than $45 million in state funding could do to the university's three campuses.

Dunn says more than 180 faculty and staff positions could be cut in Carbondale, almost 100 jobs at the School of Medicine, and nearly 140 jobs in Edwardsville.

In addition, SIU Carbondale would reorganize its academic structure, merging four colleges into two and eliminating two deans and associated support staff. Morris Library's hours would be cut, and other student services would be scaled back.

Men's and Women's Tennis is on SIUC's list for elimination. SIU Edwardsville announced the elimination of Men's Tennis and Women's Golf earlier this spring.

Dunn also included programs which receive a mix of state funds and money from other sources, saying state support could be scaled back or even eliminated at WSIU-TV, Touch of Nature, University Press, and the University Museum.

SIU Edwardsville's cuts include the loss of 137 administrative professional and non-tenure track positions, reduction in library services, and reductions to several centers on campus including the University Museum and Intercollegiate Athletics.

Research and Graduate Assistantships on all campuses would be negatively affected, as well.

"Worst-Case Scenario"
Further, Dunn included what he calls a "worst-case scenario," in which a state budget isn't passed until after the November 2016 Election.

That scenario would eliminate $3 million in state support for the SIU School of Law, as well as $2.67 million in state support for the SIU Foundation and SIU Alumni Association.

The School of Medicine would cut $1.5 million from its Med/Prep Program, as well as rural medicine initiatives.

At Edwardsville, the cuts would close the East St. Louis Campus, and eliminate state support for the National Corn to Ethanol Research Center, Early Childhood Center, WSIE Radio, and others. Tuition for SIUE's Dental School could also jump 30%, with the possibility of reorganization.