Pay Raises at SIU-Edwardsville Draw Criticism

Sep 15, 2017

SIU Trustees have approved pay raises for the Edwardsville campus... but the move is drawing criticism.

The plan, which provides for a two-percent increase for last fiscal year along with a two-percent bump for this fiscal year, covers non-represented employees for now, but some bargaining units will have to wait for open contract negotiations to finish.

SIU-E Chancellor Randy Pembrook says the administration is following protocol.
"There are lots of things that have to be resolved, and salary is one of those. That's why we're trying to honor the legal process. In terms of the open units, we'll have to have that conversation. If we could get it resolved, that would be great."
But SIU-E Faculty Association President Kim Archer says that's not the case.
"You also have the right to give the salary adjustment independent of ongoing negotiations. All that's needed is a short meeting with the union leaderships. I feel comfortable saying that we're going to say yes - and thank you."
Trustees approved the plan. Chancellor Pembrook says the administration will continue to negotiate the salary increases - and other issues - with the affected bargaining units.