New Law Essentially Replaces No Child Left Behind

Dec 11, 2015

Some Illinois educators are backing the new replacement to the No Child Left Behind Act.

Supporters say they are glad the new Every Student Succeeds Act will return a lot of educational control to the states. But, opponents have said they fear that the new law relies too heavily on Common Core standards.

Illinois Education Association president Cinda Klickna says concerns over Common Core might be overstated, because it will ultimately be up to the states to decide what standards will be used.

"This law takes away the federal mandate and the punitive measures and puts a lot of work back on the states to have good conversation."

The new law also gives Illinois and other states the power to set educational goals for specific schools, and it will allow districts to come up with their own solutions to turning around struggling schools.

President Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act into law Thursday.