More Details Released On Procurement Reform Measure

Governor Bruce Rauner and two Illinois lawmakers talked more specifics Tuesday about procurement reform legislation mentioned by the governor last week in his State of the State address.

Senator Chapin Rose and Representative Dan Brady joined Rauner in the announcement.

They say the package would provide savings to both the state and individual agencies by increasing their flexibility and efficiencies in purchasing and procurement with the creation of a pool of pre-qualified vendors for supplies and services, as well as allowing state and local governments to enter into purchasing consortiums in hopes of leveraging buying power.

Rauner says these reforms will save the state $500 million a year and lead to even more benefits.

"If we get procurement reform, then we'll have the money to fund our MAP grants. In fact, we'll have more than enough money to fund our MAP grants. And, if we do procurement reform, and we also get the Thompson Center sold, we'll have money, we can also fund our community colleges as well as our MAP grants."

Rauner wants the governor in charge of it and have the Auditor General get involved to make sure the process is accountable.

"Let's have the Auditor General be in charge and require him or her, every year going forward, every two years, do an audit of procurement. See if we're following the right practices, we're following the code as we should. And, also give the Auditor General the ability to do spot audits anytime they want."

The focus is also on helping Illinois businesses compete in the process with specific provisions aimed at in-state vendors through the "Buy Illinois" provision.

The legislative package will be filed concurrently in both the House and Senate.