Montemagno Prepares Reorganization Pitch for Trustees

Dec 12, 2017

SIU Trustees meet in Carbondale this week, where they're expected to hear from Chancellor Carlo Montemagno on his campus reorganization proposal.

Montemagno says the changes - including eliminating departments and their chairs - will save money and boost enrollment.
"Saving money is, essentially, eliminating a layer of administration. But that's not the real driver. The real driver is to enable and advance a synergy among the faculty, to enable the creation of new programs and new ideas that you couldn't put in place."
Faculty and student groups have pushed back - they say Montemagno's plan is moving too quickly and doesn't represent their needs or the university's mission.

But Montemagno says it's necessary to elevate SIUC from a regional institution to a research powerhouse. He hopes to have the changes in place next year.